Natural Sebum Control Treatment

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SIMONE TRICHOLOGY NATURAL SEBUM CONTROL TREATMENT  is the response to the problem, more and more frequent, that supposes the excess of sebaceous secretion (seborrhea or greasy) and the greasy dandruff (pityriasis steatoides) with its inevitable symptoms, itching, redness and desquamation.

SIMONE TRICHOLOGY NATURAL SEBUM CONTROL TREATMENT is completely natural, totally compatible with any cosmetologic treatment, fast-acting on any capillary problem related to excess of sebaceous secretion, the results are evident within days.

How to use

Apply daily on the scalp and hair clean, massage in a circle using fingers. the treatment can be used on either wet or dry hair. It advises washing three times per week its scalp with SEBUM REGULATING SHAMPOO REF. 002 and ATP OXYGEN EQUILIBRIUM SHAMPOO REF. 005.

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