Becoming a Distributor

The benefits of being a SIMONE TRICHOLOGY distributor.

SIMONE TRICHOLOGY line has been tested and proven in recent years, with extraordinary results in Europe, Russia, Asia and the United States.

OUR WORK’S METHOD. – Both inside and outside of Spain, dealers who want to learn our system, start making a small order (amount to be negotiated), then, two of our technicians, a marketing expert and an expert in Advanced Trichology will start a deeper formation to your commercial network in a short time, the technical and sales team will be ready to discuss any issue about capillary dysfunctions, all at our expense.

All our products are present in Hair Centers, Hair Clinics and VIP salons around the world, with a correct application and diagnosis, the results are surprising, even problems that seem to have no solution, results will not find in other product lines of international brands.

SIMONE TRICHOLOGY PRODUCTS are designed and studied to treat just any capillary dysfunction, whatever the level of difficulty: hair loss and repopulation of hair, dandruff removal, seborreas, and molecular reconstruction of the cortex and hair cuticle. All without forgetting the external beauty of the hair. After treatment, the hair will have more thickness, volume and shine than ever.

The effectiveness of our products also lies in the ability to combine between them, depending on the severity of the problem at hand,thus, we have the most appropriate treatment to solve problems that until today, they had no solution.

SIMONE TRICHOLOGY HAIR CARE LINE will get for you and your company, significant benefits, you will be able to offer a definitive solution to many hair and skin problems, not to mention quality of service and the training provided by our technicians, the result will be, as in all countries where we are present: fixed customers forever.

Our company has distribution in America, Asia, Europe. If you are interested in becoming a distributor of our hair treatments, please fill the form below.

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