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The most FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about hair care solved here.


If you have any questions about the services of TRICHOMEDIC LABS here, in our FAQs section, you can find the answers to the most frequent questions. Also, if you want to ask us any questions about our services, you can write to us through our online office.

How can you have healthier hair?

There are always measures that can be taken to have healthier hair, for example, rinse well after each application of shampoo, maintain a balanced diet, drink at least two liters of water a day and control stress. If you want to know more about the care you can devote to your hair, we can provide you with more advice.

Is the use of specific shampoos recommended for greasy hair?

Yes, they are recommended and especially the combination of several. Always alternated with specific shampoos, since the scalp quickly adapts to the use of a single shampoo. You have to have very controlled hygiene habits because, for example, in greasy hair it is necessary to wash each time with alternate shampoos and if it is not done, the hair will quickly become grease again.

What kind of technique or treatment is there for alopecia areata?

The causes of the appearance of alopecia areata are several, in some cases it is associated with situations of stress, depression or mild infections. The most advisable thing is to go to your nearest authorized SIMONE TRICHOLOGY hair center to analyze your specific case.

What treatment can I use for my hair loss?

The most effective measure to prevent premature hair loss is to perform a hair test in time to detect possible hair dysfunctions. Once the Trichogram and Trichoscopy is made, the most appropriate treatment will be offered for each case.

Is it advisable to wash your hair every day?

Especially in greasy hair it is good as long as proper shampoos are used, such as our specific shampoos.

Is the use of the dryer, foam and gel harmful?

The use of the dryer, foam and gel is not harmful, the abuse yes it is.

Do dyes change the nature of hair?

Undoubtedly the use of dyes is not good for the hair, since they have components such as ammonia that damage it in its structure. Now, they don’t modify the scalp. There are many cases of women who have come with an oily scalp but the hair shaft is dry and damaged by dyes.

Before making a dye it is convenient to verify if one is not allergic to it, since if a severe allergic reaction occurs in the scalp due to the dye, this can cause a burn damaging the hair definitively. So before a new dye it is advisable to perform an allergic test behind the ear and see the result at 48 hours.

To what extent can food affect or benefit the hair?

A lot. The hair is a extraordinary marker of health, it is the first that reflects some anomaly, some lack or excess of nutrients. That is why food is essential for hair health.

Does cutting your hair often make it grow faster and harder?

Although it is healthy to clean the ends so that the hair looks better, no relationship has been found that supports the fact that the hair is strengthened with this process. The problem of hair loss is not in the stem but in the hair follicle.

What is dandruff and why does it occur?

The easy way to know what is dandruff.

What is dandruff, we will try to explain it at the most easy way:

Dandruff is the massive shedding of cells from the corneal layer in the scalp. Although it is normal for skin cells to die and form flakes, some people, chronically, experience an abnormal amount of these, which is usually accompanied by redness, irritation and itching.

Greasy dandruff can be caused by overactive sebaceous glands. Other factors may be family history, food allergies, the use of alkaline soaps, mycosis or stress. Even the season of the year can contribute to the problem, cold and dry winters and even fall are notorious for bringing dandruff or making it worse.

Dandruff symptoms can also be aggravated by exposure to dust, ultraviolet light, too strong shampoos, and hair dyes. In some exceptional cases, dandruff can be caused by excessive use of gel or fixative spray.

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