Hair Loss in Children

Hair Loss in Children - Caída de cabello en niños

Hair Loss in Children. For what is this?

Although childhood is a period of many changes in the body, a great deal of hair loss is abnormal. If hair loss occurs, it should be treated by a trichologist.

Do not associate hair loss with having thin hair because there is no relationship between one thing and another. Although children’s hair is normally fine, their hair does not fall out for this reason.

Hair color is not a factor affecting hair loss. So what is the cause of hair loss in children? There are many reasons. We will detail the most common:

1.- Due to endogenous changes, such as changes in the production of growth hormone, hair loss can occur.

2.- Due to nutritional deficit. In this sense, it should be noted that children must eat a healthy diet and have the necessary nutrition because they are in an important stage of growth. A wrong diet can lead to hair loss and other problems.

3.-Due to illness (such as chickenpox), infection, trauma or burns. Whether in this case or in other cases, a doctor should be consulted to analyze the situation and determine the appropriate treatment.

4.- Due to the consumption of medications. In this case, it is not the disease itself that causes hair loss, but the medicine the child takes to cure the disease.

5.- For psychological problems, such as nervous anorexy or trichotillomania. This is one of the most common causes of hair loss in children. In these cases, it should be treated as soon as possible, and going to a psychologist should be considered.

At SIMONE TRICHOLOGY we have a treatment created for hair loss problems in children and adolescents, the ROYAL JELLY line.

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Hair Loss in Children - Caída de cabello en niños
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