What is Hair Analysis?

Hair Analysis - Analisis Capilar - SIMONE TRICHOLOGY

Trichoscopy or Hair Analysis, what is it for?

The Hair Analysis or Trichoscopy is a very important practice to determine the state of the scalp and hair.

This procedure allows an early diagnosis of the different forms of alopecia.

The use of Hair Analysis is advantageous for the person consulted, since it is a non-invasive test and allows establishing a differential and early diagnosis of the possible type of alopecia.

If the follicle is preserved, with the appropriate treatment, acting on the possible causes, alopecia can be reversible.

In addition, this technique is also very useful in the subsequent follow-up of the person undergoing treatment, since it allows us to see at what rate the hair is being repopulated, an assessment that at first glance is complicated.

If you are interested in knowing the state of your hair, do not hesitate to visit our Hair Clinic section.

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Hair Analysis - Analisis Capilar - SIMONE TRICHOLOGY
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