Is hair loss normal in children?

Hair Loss in Children - SIMONE TRICHOLOGY

The answer is “NO”. Although childhood is a time when many changes occur in the body, hair loss is not normal in children and should be treated by a doctor or trichologist if it occurs.

We do must not associate hair loss with having thin hair, since there is no relationship between one thing and the other. Although children have thin hair, hair does not loss out for this reason. Nor is hair color a factor that affects their loss.

What then are the reasons why children can lose their hair?

There are multiple reasons. We will detail the most frequent:

  1. Due to endogenous alterations, such as alterations in the production of growth hormone that can lead to hair loss. The recommendation in this case is to comment it with the doctor or trichologist.
  2. Due to nutritional deficit. In this sense it should be noted that it is essential that children eat a healthy diet with the necessary nutrients, since they are in an important stage of growth. Improper feeding could cause hair loss, in addition to other problems. The moment this nutritional deficit is balanced, the hair will return to its normal state.
  3. As a result of a disease (such as chicken pox), infections, trauma or burns. Both in this case and in the others, it is essential to consult a doctor to analyze the situation and determine the appropriate treatment to carry out.
  4. Due to the use of medications. In this case, it is not the disease itself that causes hair loss but the medications that the child is taking to cure the disease. Medications given to children that cause hair loss can be corticosteroids, retinoids, cyclosporine, etc. In that case, the doctor will determine if it is possible to change the medication so as not to generate this type of side effects.
  5. For psychological disorders, such as anorexias nervosa, or trichotillomania. This is one of the most common factors that cause hair loss in children. In these cases it is essential to treat them as soon as possible and it should be taken into account that it may be helpful to see a psychologist.

In short, unlike what many believe, it is not normal for children to lose their hair abundantly.

From SIMONE TRICHOLOGY by Trichomedic Labs we recommend going to the doctor as soon as possible to investigate the cause that is producing it.

It is also important to explain to the parents the reason why the hair loss out, to avoid aggravating the psychological situation, which would make the fall even worse. Almost all the causes for which the hair fall in children are reversible situations, and therefore, once the cause is finished the hair will grow back normally.

In TRICHOMEDIC LABS we are used to seeing and treating these problems in children, normally working jointly with the doctor or psychologist, we use an special treatment developed for thin hair and hair loss in children: ROYAL JELLY HAIR LOSS TREATMENT

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Balding and Hair Loss

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