Postpartum Hair Loss: How to stop it?

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How to stop postpartum hair loss?

Starting in the fourth week after birth, you will start to notice a lot of sudden hair loss. This process takes about 16 weeks before your hair returns to normal if it does. I assure you that this fall will not go unnoticed: when brushing, in the shower, on the pillow, day and night, you will find hair everywhere.

In postpartum hair loss, the main cause is hormonal and that your hair is not always the same. Each hair lives between two and six years and has a capillary life pattern that is cyclical. First the period of growth, then a period of rest or stagnation and finally a period of decline.

In pregnancy, this pattern is altered by the increase in estrogens and thyroid hormones that occurs during pregnancy, keeping your hair in the growth phase.

After the birth of your baby, most of the hormones return to their normal levels and this causes the hair that did not fall out during pregnancy, because it was stopped in the growth phase, suddenly fall out. If the normal thing is to lose between 50 and 150 hairs a day, in the postpartum you can triple this figure.

But in addition to the hormonal factor, there are typical postpartum situations that can influence hair loss, such as the stress caused by the attention that your baby requires in the first weeks of life, together with fatigue and lack of sleep. This emotional state affects the hair bulb that weakens and causes your hair to fall out more easily.

SIMONE TRICHOLOGY has different hair bio-stimulation treatments that can help you recover your hair more quickly.

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Postpartum - Postparto | SIMONE TRICHOLOGY
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