PROSCIENCE+: Advanced Hair Restoration for New Mothers, Chemotherapy Patients, and Stress-Induced Hair Loss

A New Dawn in Capillary Activation by SIMONE TRICHOLOGY

Every decade, the cosmetic and dermatological industry witnesses a groundbreaking product that reshapes the way we approach hair health. Enter PROSCIENCE+, a potent formulation by SIMONE TRICHOLOGY. This state-of-the-art hair growth activator is engineered to counteract hair loss and thinning comprehensively.


Understanding the Scope of Hair Loss

Hair loss, though common, has multifaceted roots. New mothers, patients undergoing radio or chemotherapy, individuals battling alopecias areatas, and those grappling with hair loss due to stress and nervous disorders represent a significant portion of the affected population.

The Power Behind PROSCIENCE+

PROSCIENCE+ doesn’t just offer a solution; it offers THE solution. Built on years of research, its components promise deep and intense action against hair thinning:

  • THYMUS EXTRACT & CRATAEGUS OXYACANTHA EXTRACT: Two powerful botanical extracts known for strengthening hair and invigorating the scalp.
  • GLYCOSAMINOGLYCANS & HYDROLYZED KERATIN: Key structural components that bolster hair shafts, ensuring resilience against breakage.
  • TOCOPHERYL ACETATE, ASCORBYL PALMITATE & BIOTIN: Vitamins essential for hair growth and health, validated by scientific studies1.
  • OLIGOELEMENTS: A blend of vital minerals like Zinc, Copper, and Manganese that nurture hair from root to tip.
  • PROPANEDIOL & UREA: Moisturizing agents that ensure the scalp remains receptive and responsive to the treatment.

It’s worth noting the meticulous inclusion of OLEA EUROPAEA LEAF EXTRACT and HYDROLYZED SOY PROTEIN. Recent studies have highlighted their potential in protecting the hair against external damage and stimulating hair follicles2.

A Deep Dive into the Formula
Component Primary Function
CITRIC ACID pH Balancer & Hair Shine Enhancer
RETINYL PALMITATE & INOSITOL Vital for Scalp Health & Hair Growth Stimulation
NIACINAMIDE & PANTHENOL Strengthening Hair and Scalp Health
THIAMINE HCL, RIBOFLAVIN, etc. Essential Vitamins for Comprehensive Hair Health

In summary, PROSCIENCE+ is not just another product on the shelf. It’s a research-backed, scientifically formulated solution designed to tackle hair loss from multiple angles.

What Sets PROSCIENCE+ Apart

Apart from its powerful ingredients, PROSCIENCE+ stands out due to its targeted approach. Instead of offering a generic solution, it addresses specific hair loss issues, from the hormonal shifts in new mothers to the intensive treatments of chemotherapy.

With every application, users are not just fostering hair growth, but investing in the health of their scalp, ensuring lasting and effective results.

The Journey Ahead

The realm of hair growth and restoration is vast. With innovations like PROSCIENCE+, we are taking confident steps towards understanding and resolving hair health challenges. The road ahead is filled with possibilities, deeper research, and more solutions to unearth.



  1. Smith, J. L., Fenske, N. A. (1996). Hair and Scalp Disorders: Common Presenting Signs, Differential Diagnosis, and Treatment. CRC Press.
  2. Rogers, J., Avram, M. (2014). Hair Transplantation. Cambridge University Press.
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