Does your hair in spring undergo any changes?

We have just launched the favorite season of the year for many: Spring. And in addition to the sun, the days getting longer, the flowers … this season also brings with it some changes in our hair.

Is it true that hair falls out more in spring than in winter or summer? Yes, your hair falls out more in spring. And this is why …

As the saying goes: “spring, blood alters”. The new season brings with it light, color, joy … But on many occasions it also brings the dreaded symptoms of allergies and skin and hair alterations (or it manages to aggravate those that already existed).

You may have noticed that your hair falls out more than usual for a few days or a few weeks. The reason, in most cases (and as long as there is no other cause for this more abundant fall than normal), is the change of season, which directly influences the renewal process of our hair.

As occurs in autumn, in spring there are also changes in the hours of light that affect the circadian rhythm. These changes in light directly affect the renewal process of our hair, which during the spring (and autumn) months registers higher peaks than in the rest of the seasons (summer and winter).

Our hair in spring falls out more because it is being renewed. And this seasonal decline usually stops within a few weeks. Did you know that, out of every 100 hairs, between 12 and 15% are in a phase of change? It is the normal process. Therefore, if during the spring you notice a greater fall, you should not be alarmed.

What can we do for your hair in spring? Taking care of your hair with our hair treatments such as the DX2 DIXIDOX Treatment will be important, but it will also be important to eat a healthy and balanced diet, not neglect the hours of sleep and rest and try to avoid stress. All these tips will make that seasonal fall much less intense and end sooner, so that you can wear healthy and enviable hair right away.

Spring hair loss
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